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“ We strive for perfection when crafting our guitars.
Even though absolute perfection is only in God's hands,
We are getting closer with every guitar we build.”

Jan Stovicek - Founder

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BSG Musical Instruments

At BSG Musical Instruments s.r.o. we aim to offer you quality instruments bearing all the hallmark’s of precision handwork, along with the beauty of the wood and the brilliance of sound. The appearance of all our guitars are influenced mainly by the natural colour of the individual woods in their optimal combinations. We prefer to use only natural materials for the guitar detailing, such as bone nuts and bridge saddles, various marquetry, purflings, wooden bindings, paua and abalone shell inlays, covers and so on.

The design of BSG guitars reflects the latest trends and technological knowledge optimised for durability and sound stability of each instrument. The shapes of the individual models are chosen to meet the requirements of each customer, while the majority of them are based on classic and successful designs.

All BSG guitars are individually hand-made and are not mass produced, so we can offer an individual and flexible approach to each instrument where we aim to meet the needs, desires and requirements of each customer.

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Guitars - Standard models

All BSG guitars are offered in a large variety of different woods and body shapes, BSG only use solid wood tops, back and sides. Here you can see some examples of the instruments that we can produce.


Custom Shop: Design your own customised BSG

Do you have your dream guitar in mind? BSG can customise your instrument based on our standard body shapes, we can fulfil your ideas and turn your custom guitar into a reality which is as unique as you. With decades of knowledge and the skills gained in building handmade high quality instruments, when you choose BSG custom shop guitars, you are definitely in safe hands.




Standard "bluegrass" model with a solid, powerful sound. The dreadnoughts strong bass combines well with penetrating high tones. With its firm and powerful sound, it is a much sought-after instrument especially for players who use a pick. The basic model is without a cut-away. It is produced in all our offered materials. The scale is 648 mm and it is also possible to design it as a 12-string version.

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Dreadnought - BSG Guitars



OM or the Orchestra model offers a unique combination of designs. By combining a longer 648 mm scale with a smaller body, this model becomes a very sensitive and easy-to-play instrument. The sound is balanced with significantly higher mids, and the bass does not overwhelm the individual tones of the instrument. The smaller body volume allows for comfortable playing. This model is very popular with players who use the finger technique. It is manufactured in all our offered materials, very often with the design of a "slotted head".

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OM - BSG Guitars


Grand Auditorium

Classic design, and a very versatile model with deliciously coloured sound with a wide range of tones. Very balanced bass, mids and highs. Suitable instrument for both pick and finger players. It is produced in all our offered materials. The scale is 648 mm and a 12-string version is also possible.

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Grand Auditorium - BSG Guitars


Grand Jumbo

Sometimes also called the "Super Jumbo" due to the larger body volume of this instrument, the Grand Jumbo offers a wider spectrum and colour of deeper richer tones. It has a very firm and strong sound in the bass, complemented by distinctive mids with brilliant highs. This model is also very popular as a 12-string version. It is produced in all our offered materials. The scale is 648 mm and for the basic model without a cutaway.

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Grand Jumbo - BSG Guitars


A pro

The Apro model has a beautiful balanced sound spectrum. This model is made only with a cutaway. The slightly asymmetrical body with an extended fingerboard and an oval sound hole in the top plate gives the Apro a very distinctive look and with the possibility of playing up to the second octave, makes it very versatile too. The scale is 648 mm.

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A pro - BSG Guitars



This is smallest guitar we produce, which is currently becoming very popular, mostly among finger style players. This model is characterised by a very distinctive and clear sound at the highs notes with pleasant bass tones and it surprises everybody with its amazing volume in such a small body. This model has a neck joint fitted at the 12th fret with a shorter scale of 629 mm. It is usually made with a slotted head stock and a smaller, straight (vintage) bridge is used. This model cannot be produced with a cutaway.

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Parlor - BSG Guitars



This is a model where the neck joint is fitted on the 12th fret with a standard longer scale of 648 mm. This model is usually produced with a slotted head stock and we offer two different bridge types - a vintage bridge, which is a smaller straight bridge or a more modern one, which we use in our standard models. This model has a balanced, firm sound, with an emphasis on the lower centres, and is suitable for both pick and finger players ... This model cannot be produced with a cutaway.

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OOO - BSG Guitars

BSG Guitar Options

Guitar Options - other possible modifications of all models of the basic BSG guitars offered (as above) can also be made with the following modifications by request.


12 string

We can use most of our models (body shapes) for twelve-string guitars. We usually use Grand Jumbo, Grand Auditorium or a Dreadnought ... The scale is 648 mm and the width of the nut is usually 48 mm as standard or according to the customer's request.

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Acoustic Bass

We use the GJ - Grand Jumbo model (body shape) for our acoustic bass guitars. The scale is 860 mm and the neck joint is fitted at the 17th fret ... This instrument is also interesting with its oval sound hole…

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The scale of our Baritone guitar is 700 mm. For these instruments, we most often use the Grand Jumbo model (body shape) to achieve a really strong and solid sound in the bass. Using different types of strings allows for open tuning…

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Fanfret (Multiscale)

The scale of our standard "Fanfret" model is 630 mm / 660 mm. We most often use the GA model (Grand Auditorium) for this instrument. It is characterised by a really wide sound spectrum with an emphasis on treble and bass ... With this model, we produce a different shape of head stock and bridge to underline the distinctive design of the whole instrument.

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Nylon Strings (Crossover)

A variation on the "classical" guitar, combining elements from models with steel strings. The brace construction is based on a classical guitar, but the wider fingerboard has a similar radius like the steel string guitars. Also the neck uses standard truss rod with the possibility of easy adjustment. For these instruments we use models (body shapes) OM or GA. The neck joint is usually fitted on the 12th fret with a scale of 648 mm. A variant with a standard 14-fret neck is also possible.

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Even though our company BSG is not very big, you can still find our instruments in very prestigious retailers, or used by professional musicians and amateur players around the globe… If you are interested in what they said about us, want to read player reviews or just want to see our guitars in action, please take a look here...

Peter Finger – from Osnabrück, Germany

  It is great to have a company in Europe that produces such wonderful handmade guitars with love, patience and great craftsmanship - this all at a very reasonable price. I’m a fan of BSG guitars.

Peter Finger  



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