Tommy Emmanuel Tommy Emmanuel I played 2 BSG guitars in Poland recently and must compliment them on their great work, both guitars were extremely well made, beautifully finished, and sounded big, rich and sweet, with a lot of volume for a small bodied guitar...
I enjoyed playing both guitars, and wish BSG a lot of success in the business

Tommy Emmanuel CGP.

Exhibit at The 2020 NAMM Show, CA USA


The philosophy of the firm has the aim to offer the top instruments with the grade of precision handicraft products, the beauty of the wood and the brilliant tone. The very good sound properties of every instrument are given by the good quality of collected wood. The appearance of the instrument is influenced mostly by the pure nature color of individual wood and its optimal combination. It stands to reason that there is used only natural material on such details as are bone nuts, wood binding and special covers. The design of the guitar reflected the top trends and technological knowledge for the optimal long life and the sound stability of every product. The shapes of individual models are chosen to fulfill all demands of every customer. The produced models are based on the classical successful design. Due to the fact we do not engage in mass production, but only in custom-order hand crafting of guitars, we offer individual approach to every instrument. Though this approach we strive to fulfill all wishes and needs of our customers.

Jan Šovíček

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